The Hay Mobile Children's Service provides a happy, secure and friendly home like atmosphere for children, parents, community members and educators.

The service values each child as a unique individual, supporting their needs, interests and emerging skills; we aim for each child to develop a sense of belonging as they feel welcomed and valued into our service. We aim to provide support and build secure relationships to families and their children from 6 weeks to 8 years. We endeavour to give children the best possible opportunity to begin their learning and developing life skills.

We provide flexible environments within each venue that creates its own identity, reflecting the families and what is important to them. Staff combine ideas and support each other through respect and acknowledgment, within our preschool/play based learning program, built around children’s interests, skills and development.

The service aspires to support all families and provide advice on developmental and educational concerns. Each family is encouraged to express any information to us as we respect confidentiality.

We will strive to educate the children’s awareness of becoming active participants as they leave our service and become strong citizens into the community. We aim for children to develop an understanding of the world around them, take part in traditional beliefs to reflect upon Australia’s diversity, and build an understanding to respect the custodians of the land.

The service will work to provide the best quality of care to the children, and support the families in our everyday practice.

Further details about our service can be found in our Information Booklet.